Song: Fire Lake by Bob Seger

 Place: Fire Lake, Michigan

Bob Seger c 1977
Lyrics passage Who wants to play those eights and aces
Who wants a raise
Who needs a stake
Who wants to take that long shot gamble
And head out to Fire Lake
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Some people reckon a play is really good when you leave the theatre with nobody knowing exactly what it was about. If that’s true, then maybe that’s why the song “Fire Lake” was such a hit. You can ask a whole bunch of music lovers about the lyrics and get a whole bunch of meanings.

To some ‘bronze beauties’ are hot chicks, while others reckon they’re Nordic maidens with Viking boyfriends. Still others might say they symbolize the sirens in Homer’s Odyssey, “warbling to death” all men who come too close. Maybe that’s what happened to Uncle Joe. Only Bob knows.

According to biker vernacular, “gypsy leathers” are a description for someone not associated with a bike club, while “8s and Aces” is the notorious “Dead Man’s Hand” held by Wild Bill Hickok when he was shot in the back of his head in Saloon #10 in Deadwood, South Dakota, in 1876.

There’s a theory based on Fire Lake standing in for the biblical Lake of Fire where “un-saved” Christians dwell for all eternity, and Uncle Joe being sent there for his indiscretions in not ever marrying poor Aunt Sarah (he was the one afraid to cut the cake), thereby living in sin. But as for the actual physical lake, there are plenty of suggestions for that, as well, including Silver Lake, which is near Hell in Michigan. True story. But a quick search on Google Maps turned up a Fire Lake on the west side of Lake Michigan, sandwiched comfortably between the Ottawa National and Crystal Falls State Forests. And since Seger hails from Michigan, we’ll go with that.

For every opinion-bearing lyric connoisseur, our advice is to not overthink things so much. Seger himself has been quoted as saying the song’s just about risk-taking and consequences. “About risking love,” he said, “chucking it all and just heading off with a bunch of wild people.”

The song was almost a non-event. Seger wanted it for an album he was recording in 1975, but “Fire Lake” missed the cut and didn’t make it until 1980. So when time came for song selection on Against the Wind, Seger says, "We decided to come with 'Fire Lake' as the first single, because it was totally and unequivocally unlike anything we'd ever done before. The lyric is very ... different ... and very kind of unique.” The album is Seger’s only album to hit #1 on the Billboard chart, while this song reached #6.

They say the quality of a musician can be measured by the quality of his session support staff. Three of the backing vocalists on “Fire Lake” were members of the hugely famous Eagles band. Nothing but the best for Bob.

Seger was born in 1945 and is a living example of the saying that old rockers don’t die, they just keep on rockin’. One of his most enduring hits is “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll,” and it sums up his style. He has that raspy, shouting style of singing, having been influenced by such greats as Little Richard and the King. “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll” has been voted the second most played jukebox single. Ever. In 2004 Bob Seger was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Mind you, he did change bands as often as some rockers change their shorts, but some of his groups stayed together for many years. And any rocker who stays the course runs the danger of being overtaken by new trends. Grunge and alternative rock meant that, for some, the “‘old” style of Seger’s rock became old hat. But not for the man himself. And despite taking up sailing, and raising his family, Seger eventually got back into touring and did really well. So well, in fact, that on May 28, 2011, the governor of Michigan declared the day to be Bob Seger Day, due to his huge and continuing success with music around the world.
~ Cenarth Fox
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Mike Mencke from IdahoGreat area that Hell. We rode through Hell and back!!!
Bob Williamson from Walled Lake, MichiganCertainly one of Ann Arbor Bob's finer songs.
Frank from MichiganJust so you all know, Silver Lake was, and still is, a biker destination for folks from Southeast Michigan. Only a few miles from Hell, it was a good place to go after a few beers in the Hell Hole Bar, which had a different name back in the 70s. There is a really nice beach on the west side of the lake. A good place to try to pick up some of those "Bronzed beauties". When I was younger, I belonged to a club, but we drifted apart. One guy was in a really bad accident and quit riding, I went to Nam, and the others moved away. Since then I've worn Gypsy leathers. When I heard that Bob said that Silver Lake was in fact "Fire Lake", I thought to myself, "That makes sense" I was just out there last week with my son, who wanted to "Go to Hell", yes, that's a thing. Town full of bikes, just like always.
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 Place: Fire Lake, Michigan


Song : Fire Lake

This is one of the songs Seger recorded in Alabama at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, where the studio owners, Barry Beckett (keyboards), Roger Hawkins (drums), David Hood (bass), and Jimmy Johnson (guitar), backed him up. Seger recorded some of his most memorable songs at MSSS, including his hit "Old Time Rock And Roll." Many Soul artists recorded at the studio in the '60s and '70s, but the Disco era slowed this business considerably. Seger helped keep the studio in business, as he gave them a production credit on his songs that was quite profitable. David Hood explained in our interview: "Everything we recorded with Bob Seger, we get a production royalty on. And as it turns out, we recorded 'Fire Lake,' and 'Old Time Rock and Roll,' and 'Mainstreet,' just a whole bunch of things with them. And so that became a very lucrative thing. We don't even have a real contract on that, but he's always paid us for the records that we played on, we were co-producers on, as well. And that's what I think about Bob Seger. He's a very honest man. He and Punch Andrews are honest people who stick to their word. That's rare in the music business."

Album : Against the Wind
Released : 1980
US chart position : 6

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