It could be where you grew up, where you always wanted to go, or just a quirky spot you came across in your travels. If you write songs, there's a good chance one of these alluring locations gave you a shot of inspiration. These are the stories about the places behind the songs, and how they got there. Click on the map - you might be in a Song Place right now.

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The latest song-place added is 30,000 Pounds Of Bananas - Harry Chapin | Place: Moosic Street, Scranton, PennsylvaniaThere is something undeniably, inexplicably funny about Harry Chapin’s story of a tractor-trailer driver smearing a city with 30,000 pounds of bananas as he wreaks havoc at 90 miles per hour. That is, it’s funny until you find out that it was based on a real-life story, and that a real trucker lost a real life and left behind a wife and children. After learning that little tidbit, the laughter tends to drift off a bit, fumble into awkward coughs, and finally fade into uncomfortable and... [read more]

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Kokomo - The Beach Boys | Place: Islamorada, Florida | 59425 hits.
Ode to Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry | Place: Tallahatchie Bridge, Choctaw Ridge, Mississippi | 39811 hits.
Possum Kingdom - The Toadies | Place: Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas | 33167 hits.
My City Was Gone - Pretenders | Place: Akron, Ohio | 32675 hits.
Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison | Place: 12th Street and Vine, Kansas City | 27334 hits.
San Bernardino - The Mountain Goats | Place: San Bernardino, California | 26940 hits.
Hotel California - Eagles | Place: The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, California | 25500 hits.
April in Paris - Ella Fitzgerald | Place: Paris, France | 24044 hits.
The Ludlow Massacre - Woody Guthrie | Place: Ludlow, Colorado | 23032 hits.
Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 | Place: BogSide, Derry, Northern Ireland | 22707 hits.
Creeque Alley - The Mamas and the Papas | Place: Creeque Alley, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands | 22337 hits.
Mayberry - Rascal Flatts | Place: Mount Airy, North Carolina | 20364 hits.
Alice's Restaurant Massacree - Arlo Guthrie | Place: Theresa's Stockbridge Cafe, Stockbridge, Massachusetts | 20114 hits.
Funkytown - Lipps Inc. | Place: New York City, New York | 20054 hits.

The latest comment is posted by nick porter from Rochester new york about Rev On The Red Line - Foreigner | Place: Lake Avenue, Rochester, New YorkMy dad used to party with lou after shows in Rochester where lous ma lived he raved lake ave a bunch