It could be where you grew up, where you always wanted to go, or just a quirky spot you came across in your travels. If you write songs, there's a good chance one of these alluring locations gave you a shot of inspiration. These are the stories about the places behind the songs, and how they got there. Click on the map - you might be in a Song Place right now.

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Explore these Times Square, New York City, New York
Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
Matala, Crete
Montmartre, Paris, France
Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Hallandale Beach, Florida
Appalachia, Georgia
Reseda, Los Angeles, California
Harlem, New York

The latest song-place added is Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin | Place: Liphook Road, Headley, HampshireFrom the moment it was released, Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" has courted controversy and polarized opinion. Interpretations of the song have ranged from the pedestrian to the downright mystical. Some see it as a simple love song or song about drug addiction, bad choices, or some other everyday, earthbound thing. Others have seen in the song complex arrangements of Tarot archetypes or symbolism inspired by Aleister Crowley's Thelema. The latter would actually be feasible, by the way, if... [read more]

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Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil | Place: Kintore Mountains, Australia | 446242 hits.
Kokomo - The Beach Boys | Place: Islamorada, Florida | 171819 hits.
Ode to Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry | Place: Tallahatchie Bridge, Choctaw Ridge, Mississippi | 91852 hits.
Seven Bridges Road - Eagles | Place: Woodley Road, Montgomery, Alabama | 65791 hits.
Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison | Place: 12th Street and Vine, Kansas City | 54905 hits.
Hotel California - Eagles | Place: The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, California | 54705 hits.
Possum Kingdom - The Toadies | Place: Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas | 52697 hits.
Dirty Old Town - Ewan MacColl | Place: Salford, Greater Manchester, England | 44965 hits.
My City Was Gone - Pretenders | Place: Akron, Ohio | 44959 hits.
Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 | Place: BogSide, Derry, Northern Ireland | 42101 hits.
Creeque Alley - The Mamas and the Papas | Place: Creeque Alley, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands | 33878 hits.
April in Paris - Ella Fitzgerald | Place: Paris, France | 33548 hits.
San Bernardino - The Mountain Goats | Place: San Bernardino, California | 33434 hits.
Alice's Restaurant Massacree - Arlo Guthrie | Place: Theresa's Stockbridge Cafe, Stockbridge, Massachusetts | 31018 hits.
The Ludlow Massacre - Woody Guthrie | Place: Ludlow, Colorado | 30958 hits.

The latest comment is posted by Erica a rodriguez lodise from philly about Angel of Harlem - U2 | Place: Harlem, New YorkI love this song