It could be where you grew up, where you always wanted to go, or just a quirky spot you came across in your travels. If you write songs, there's a good chance one of these alluring locations gave you a shot of inspiration. These are the stories about the places behind the songs, and how they got there. Click on the map - you might be in a Song Place right now.

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The latest song-place added is GGF (Golden Gate Fields) - Rancid | Place: 1100 Eastshore Highway, Berkeley, CaliforniaRancid’s "GGF (Golden Gate Fields)" is about defiance, perseverance, and guts. Unlike the band’s more overtly political songs, it’s not concerned with any particular social cause or injustice. The song focuses the eye of the microscope a lot closer than that. It’s a note of encouragement scrawled in jagged letters on crumpled notebook paper for everyone and anyone who has ever been counted out, snubbed, or serially underestimated. It’s also a warning to all those who do the counting,... [read more]

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Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil | Place: Kintore Mountains, Australia | 306066 hits.
Kokomo - The Beach Boys | Place: Islamorada, Florida | 40359 hits.
Ode to Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry | Place: Tallahatchie Bridge, Choctaw Ridge, Mississippi | 31663 hits.
My City Was Gone - Pretenders | Place: Akron, Ohio | 30393 hits.
Possum Kingdom - The Toadies | Place: Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas | 30063 hits.
San Bernardino - The Mountain Goats | Place: San Bernardino, California | 25306 hits.
Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison | Place: 12th Street and Vine, Kansas City | 23413 hits.
The Ludlow Massacre - Woody Guthrie | Place: Ludlow, Colorado | 21366 hits.
Creeque Alley - The Mamas and the Papas | Place: Creeque Alley, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands | 20715 hits.
Hotel California - Eagles | Place: The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, California | 20252 hits.
Alice's Restaurant Massacree - Arlo Guthrie | Place: Theresa's Stockbridge Cafe, Stockbridge, Massachusetts | 18284 hits.
April in Paris - Ella Fitzgerald | Place: Paris, France | 18230 hits.
Winchester Cathedral - The New Vaudeville Band | Place: Winchester Cathedral, England | 17782 hits.
Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 | Place: BogSide, Derry, Northern Ireland | 16434 hits.
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena - Jan & Dean | Place: Pasadena, California | 15999 hits.

The latest comment is posted by Steven Domalik from Round Lake Park, IL about King Of The Road - Roger Miller | Place: Bangor, MaineVery cool! Didn't know half this stuff. Found out i've had the lyrics wrong all my life.