It could be where you grew up, where you always wanted to go, or just a quirky spot you came across in your travels. If you write songs, there's a good chance one of these alluring locations gave you a shot of inspiration. These are the stories about the places behind the songs, and how they got there. Click on the map - you might be in a Song Place right now.

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Explore these Sun City, South Africa
Warwick Avenue, London, England
Ann Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan
West Oakland, California
The River Ouse, York, United Kingdom
Boise, Idaho
Los Angeles, California
Theresa's Stockbridge Cafe, Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Lincoln, Nebraska

The latest song-place added is Highway 20 Ride - Zac Brown Band | Place: Augusta, GeorgiaOccasionally, a poetic gem sneaks its way into mainstream pop music; a song so full of emotion at its core that even the coldest-hearted listener cannot help shedding a tear or two. This is the case with "Highway 20 Ride" by the Zac Brown Band.

The Zac Brown Band has been described as the ‘new Alabama’ due to their classy use of vocal harmony and clean guitars. Having seven members helps to create a rich, full sound both in recordings and live performances. The band’s namesake (Zac... [read more]

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The Ludlow Massacre - Woody Guthrie | Place: Ludlow, Colorado | 29157 hits.
Mayberry - Rascal Flatts | Place: Mount Airy, North Carolina | 28174 hits.

The latest comment is posted by John H. Brownstone from Louisville, KY about Paradise City - Guns N' Roses | Place: Lafayette, IndianaIt's about Louisville, KY, as Axl and Izzy used to drive down from Lafayette, IN to buy party supplies. The better question is what's the name of the guy they used to buy their party supplies from and named a hit song after? Hmm?